Our Contributing Editors

Christy Griffith
Children: Natalie (5), Daniel (4), Eve (3)
Pediatric Oncology Membership: Eve, age 2, bilateral Wilms Tumor

Oncology History:
  • Diagnosis- 10/23/09 via an ultrasound and CT scan
  • Right nephrectomy and partial left nephrectomy- 1/28/10.  Pathology report finds focal anaplasia.
  • Completed radiation- 3/2/10
  • Completed chemotherapy- 5/10/10

Current State of Oncological Madness:  In the throes of uncontrollable scanxiety.

Blog: Eve Vs. Wilms

Melissa Riederer
Children:  Penelope (5) and Joshua (3)
Pediatric Oncology Membership: Joshua, age 19.5 months,Wilms Tumor

Oncology History:
  • Diagnosis- August 19th, 2008, via ultrasound and CT scan, Stage IV, favorable histology. Left kidney nephrectomy (8/20/08), metastasis to lymph nodes and lungs, 3 tumors in lungs
  • Completed Radiation-9/11/08
  • Completed Chemotherapy Regimen DD4Ha- 3/23/09
  • Port Removed- 6/9/09
  • Relapse Diagnosed via CT scan- 6/22/09
  • Surgery for New Port and Thoracoscopy of Right Lung to Remove Nodule- 7/7/09
  • Completed Radiation 2: 10/21/09
  • Completed Chemotherapy 2: 5/12/10

Current State of Oncological Madness: Just had first post treatment scan 8/26/10, NED.  Also recently watched two cancer kids be buried, so, relieved? yes.  Feeling lucky? yes.  Ecstatic? no.  Ask me in 2.75 yrs. Better yet, get me some research funding. 

Blog: LAUGHSTRONG: Team Riederer

Gina Stinnett
Children: Jake(4.5), Gwyn(2)
Pediatric Oncology Membership: Gwyn, age 1, Wilms Tumor

Oncology History:
  • Diagnoses- 6/10/09 ultrasound, 6/11/09 battery of scans to confirm, 6/12/09 right kidney nephrectomy/cantaloupe sized tumor. Stage II FH.
  • Completed Chemotherapy- 11/6/09
  • Broviac removed- 12/4/09, N.E.D confirmed on 11/25/09

Current State of Oncological Madness: my days are measured in 3 month increments and hair growth. 

Blog: gwyn