Friday, January 28, 2011

The Accidental Philanthropist.

try to follow along, I will skip from present to past and back again, but only because I want to end this post with the do-gooder.

Today, a 6 year old little girl passed away while waiting for her Bone Marrow transplant. I don't know this girl's name or background, family or fight that she has had, I just know that she had Leukemia and her donor match had been found. The donor had his procedure this past Tuesday and sometime on Wednesday, before she could receive the stem cell transplant, complications arose and she passed away.

On New Years Eve 2011, I was the last member in this house up. Before shutting down the computer, I thought about writing my resolution on facebook; "I will make the world a better place". Task interrupted. Instead, I spotted new mail on a thread from Joe. He and I had started corresponding earlier that day, for the first time in two years. Which, I had only met this Joe two years ago, through an ebay transaction. Yes, he purchased a jackhammer, we shipped it across the country. Positive feedback was left, end of story.

6 months after this ebay transaction, Gwyn was dx, admitted, had surgery and discharged in 5 days. We didn't even have time to google abdomen mass. I emailed family and friends updates on Gwyn while we were held up at UNC. I was unaware Joe was receiving updates of the cancer adventure.

fast forward to NYE 2011...I received the first email from Joe, "Hello, I am looking for the person that sold me a jackhammer 2 years ago, is this you?". Ummmkay, maybe he wants to find out if we have some other tool specific to his remodeling needs...I write back, we start communication and in the email that came through as the 2011 ball dropped was as follows:

"After my purchase from you your email updates about your daughters treatment started coming in. I was hoping her treatments were successful and I'm glad to hear that they have been. Thoughts of her condition have been on my mind since then because I too have children and 3 years ago we lost my wifes mother to lung cancer. Two summers ago while I was donating blood at the local blood mobile my wife's mom and your daughters condition crossed through my thoughts again. I decided it was time to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Program. 6 weeks ago I was contacted and asked if I was willing to help a 6 year old girl that has Leukemia. I was informed that I, along with 15-16 other possible donors, was an initial match for her blood type (AB+). 4 weeks ago I gave blood for the DNA process. Last week I was confirmed as the closest DNA match for her. Last Wednesday I got my prep, xrays and physical at a cancer center in Berkeley,CA. The little girl is now being scheduled for her radiation treatment and my stem cell extraction procedure is scheduled for January 25th. It's very emotional for me at times but without question or doubt I am sure this is what I want to do for her. Thank you for enlightening me about this subject. I hope and pray my contribution will help her past this condition so that she can live a normal life. Everything happens for a reason and this reason is good for all. Thank you for guiding me towards this program, Joe"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I walk because I look good in cross-trainers.

There are lots of reasons to walk.

(I ate too much Taco Bell.)
(I have an unnatural need to exercise.)

(I walk because I'll have an asthma attack if I run.)

I want you to find the closest CureSearch Walk near you, don't walk, to sign up.

Walk in person. Walk virtually. Walk however you need to walk to let the world know how awesome you are for supporting children's cancer research. Don't hold your breath waiting for someone else to raise money, because that shade of blue just ain't good on anyone.

Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood power walker.