Monday, September 19, 2011


September is pediatric cancer awareness month.

I'm aware.

I'm aware kids get cancer.
I'm aware those kids get poisoned or radiated, or both.
I'm aware some of those kids die, every day.

I'm aware that moms and dads are out their right now, about to find out their child has cancer.
I'm aware that today a mom will hold a basin as the chemotherapy makes her child sick, again.
I'm aware that tonight a father will visit the grave of his child, another causality in the war against cancer.

I'm aware.

I'm aware a child can go from an ache in their leg to bone cancer with one scan.
I'm aware that a boy will miss the homecoming dance this month to undergo immediate major surgery to remove a tumor he didn't know was there.
I'm aware that before this month of awareness is over a girl will have to become aware of her own mortality, and then die before her dreams have time to come true.

I'm aware that no one wants to think about what it would be like to hear "your child has cancer."
I'm aware that no one wants to watch as the nurses wear protective clothing to keep them safe from the liquid they'll be infusing into your child's bloodstream.
I'm aware that no one wants to hold their child as they take their last breath on this earth.

I'm aware.

I'm aware that we need better diagnostics.
I'm aware that we need better treatment standards.
I'm aware that we need new tools to fight for the ones that have no hope.

I'm aware we need support for families on that worst day of their life.
I'm aware we need meals and mentors for those in the trenches.
I'm aware we need to never forget those whom we've lost and the parents that will long to hold their child again.

I'm aware.

What will you do now that you are aware?

Do you have time you could volunteer to a non-profit group or event, or spend with a family?
Do you have a talent you could contribute to help raise awareness or funds, or help a child smile today?
Do you have money you could contribute to a fundraiser or a family in your region?

Awareness isn't enough.  We need Action.

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